Mod Rant

Attention: Moderators of the Myst Online: Uru Live forums, please look away.

Recently a topic about BitTorrent was closed on the forums. Admittedly, the request (How can I download songs using BitTorrent?) is an illegal activity and the thread was locked. Shortly afterwards, Krepta posted a thread advertising the legal uses of BitTorrent. That thread was deleted, and Veralun sent Krepta a PM that basically said “BitTorrent has no legal uses”.

So… why are most Linux distros distributed (legally) through BitTorrent?

This isn’t the first incident, I’ve had my own posts deleted, and watched other threads disappear into the nether.

Someone (Yali?) had accidentally managed to set their Uru screen resolution higher than their monitor could handle. I suggested that he use one of the tools from COBBS to edit his Graphics.ini and set the correct resolutions. Alahmnat jumped on my post and deleted it.

During a time of server repair; a helpful newbie decided to write a program that would display the server status. THE ENTIRE THREAD WAS DELETED.

Allow me to assure you that the server status is stored in a publicly viewable HTML file on Cyan’s website ( So basically the mods are telling me that I’m allowed to see that page in the MOUL launcher; that I’m allowed to see it in Firefox… but that I’m not allowed to see it in a fan-made program?
Would the outcome have been different if the status viewer instead displayed the Google Homepage?

I’ve seen countless constructive threads locked (due to supposed “personal attacks”) and then many other threads live on when they should have been locked from the start (such as those 17+ Age Creation ones).

At this rate, I’m almost ready to stop posting on the forums. I’ve found that many of my old friends from UU don’t post because they are always attacked; why bother?


2 thoughts on “Mod Rant

  1. Tweek says:

    Indeed there are legal uses for Bittorrent, offers you the choice of downloading an artists album legally via emule or bittorrent, these albums are approved by download by the artists who put them there.

  2. Tiran says:

    Not to mention the most successful MMORPG. WoW is using bit torrent to distribute patches and updates. If I follow the argumentation chain of the mods then we have to forbid the forum since it can be used to distribute copy right protected texts. We even have to throw away our computers since computers can copy music. Well we even have to rip out our tongues and kills certain birds because they distribute protected songs …

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