I is teh Geek <3


I’ve been doing some updates, changed the theme and added a Friends page with links to other blogs. If yours isn’t on there, leave a comment and I’ll possibly add it (requirements include not being a spambot, having a blog to which I can link, and me recognizing your name).

I’ve been busy with HS development over the weekend, managed to get some better stream classes working; but I’ve managed to break the version-specific parsing stuff, so it’s back to the drawing board.

Oh, and this is stolen shamelessly from nommie:
Video Link :D


4 thoughts on “I is teh Geek <3

  1. Amanda says:

    Pretty damn close.
    59% Geek

    Mingle2.com – Free Online Dating … you’d better support this in your comment section.

  2. Paradox says:


    Of course I would have liked 86% or higher >.>

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