To start with, starting threads on a popular discussion forum about someone writing a “flymode” for Uru Live is never a good idea. Especially when the rumour was simply made up to “see how people would react”.

I’d say the reaction was pretty negative. Maztec received an e-mail from someone named Georgina who blamed H’uru for the flymode. I won’t quote it here due to language, but you can read a portion of it on the HS Blog. This person may have single-handedly destroyed all hope for fan Ages in Uru Live. Worse, after contacting the poster via PM, he tells me that he is an avid H’uru supporter and that he is very sensitive to the opinions of the community. Yeah, riiiigghhhttt… e.e

School ended today… (I’m still straightening things out in my head, so nothing to say about this right now; possibly later)


One thought on “*sigh*

  1. Hoikas says:

    Yep, a H’uru supporter who hates the members of H’uru :P

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