Do they not understand?

Every word that I throw at them is turned around and thrown back at me. I spent at least one day per week defending Age Creation of the Uru Live forums, answering the same question with the same answers to the same people. Don’t you get tired of this?

This topic has been argued for over a YEAR now folks (, Think it’s time to move on?

At this point, I’m almost ready to forget about it and make all of my tools private; get a good Age Creation team going; and work privately with Cyan.

There, I’m done. If you want to use HuruStudio, leave a valid comment here or on HS. I will not write tools for people who aren’t willing to do even simple research.


2 thoughts on “Fools

  1. Lmf says:

    No they don’t understand and people are afraid of fan ages because they think it’s not as good as a Cyan age.
    So they will never understand what you are doing.

    People that are intrested in age building will find Cobbs,Huru,Alcugs,GAC and Agebuilders.
    Post the information there instead of feeding the trolls at you know what forum.

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