Rocks fall…

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So, the comment originally came when I overheard a kayak instructor explaining something about D&D. Apparently the GameMaster had a habit of always saying “Rocks fall on you. You die” at some point during the game. While in the The Great Tree Pub last week, I made that comment as a joke.

Apparently I’ve been quoted :D

Français: J’ai fini!

Today I wrote my French 12 exam, and found it surprisingly easier than I expected *shrugs*

Er’cana’s been released, already dumped one batch of pellets. vid is hoping to do T24HLLRR on Saturday, so hopefully I’ll be around for a day of Pellet-dropping excitement :D

Tomorrow is report card pick-up; which in itself is fine. Unfortunately it means that I’m going to see everyone again, which is going to leave me confused and upset for another week while I try to straighten everything out in my head again. :(

Anyways, I have to burn MOUL onto a DVD so that I can convert show it to some people. :D

A New Light: Day II

Today started off amazingly well, The Great Zero started (we melted another Auth server) and I spent most of the day partying in TGTP.

Then I linked into TGTP later tonight only to be confronted by the elitist “Guild” of Relayers. I tried to make my opinion known, and was quickly labeled as a troll. *shrug* This kind of stuff doesn’t belong in Uru.

I’m not even sure if I’ll go back into Uru for the rest of the episode; I’m certainly not a “people person”. :(

Then I found this post from a while back on Nommie’s blog. :D

A New Light: Day I

The latest Uru episode started today, and at 8:30 this morning, the complaints were already flying (admittedly, it didn’t help that Cyan managed to corrupt the city_District_Textures.prp file during the update).

The most amazing thing was this evening, when 137+ people all linked to the newly opened Great Tree Pub (Watcher’s Sanctuary, Watcher’s Pub, etc.). There was NO Server-side lag (no link-in lag; no packet freezes, it was beautiful).

Of course, the client-side graphical lag is always there. Disabling shadows helps a LOT.

Anyways, we start a party in the Pub with dancing and talking and random chatter. I was told repeatedly by one person (from the Guild of Greeters no less) that my dancing was rude and that it was causing unnecessary lag and that I should leave. (This only caused more dancing, by the way).

I also got into an argument with someone who refused to disable shadows, and continued to complain about the lag.

Already many people are calling for a hood instanced Pub, which I think is a horrible idea. You don’t get a sense of community when you lock yourself away in hood instances. Besides, there wasn’t much lag, so there is no reason for a hood instance.

*sigh* So, let’s see if tomorrow is any better; the Great Zero is set to turn on at 4:00 MDT; and I fully expect complaints regardless of how well/poorly it goes.

Whatever happened to the nice community that I joined in the UU days? It seems that I find argument and hatred no matter where I turn, and it disappoints me :(

Mod Rant

Attention: Moderators of the Myst Online: Uru Live forums, please look away.

Recently a topic about BitTorrent was closed on the forums. Admittedly, the request (How can I download songs using BitTorrent?) is an illegal activity and the thread was locked. Shortly afterwards, Krepta posted a thread advertising the legal uses of BitTorrent. That thread was deleted, and Veralun sent Krepta a PM that basically said “BitTorrent has no legal uses”.

So… why are most Linux distros distributed (legally) through BitTorrent?

This isn’t the first incident, I’ve had my own posts deleted, and watched other threads disappear into the nether.

Someone (Yali?) had accidentally managed to set their Uru screen resolution higher than their monitor could handle. I suggested that he use one of the tools from COBBS to edit his Graphics.ini and set the correct resolutions. Alahmnat jumped on my post and deleted it.

During a time of server repair; a helpful newbie decided to write a program that would display the server status. THE ENTIRE THREAD WAS DELETED.

Allow me to assure you that the server status is stored in a publicly viewable HTML file on Cyan’s website ( So basically the mods are telling me that I’m allowed to see that page in the MOUL launcher; that I’m allowed to see it in Firefox… but that I’m not allowed to see it in a fan-made program?
Would the outcome have been different if the status viewer instead displayed the Google Homepage?

I’ve seen countless constructive threads locked (due to supposed “personal attacks”) and then many other threads live on when they should have been locked from the start (such as those 17+ Age Creation ones).

At this rate, I’m almost ready to stop posting on the forums. I’ve found that many of my old friends from UU don’t post because they are always attacked; why bother?

CyanChat Reunion!

Wow. Everything was quiet… and then suddenly, we had like 30+ people in there.

Nommie and TW started CCR (<3), and then my client crashed :\\ (Apparently I need to have the message colouring on a separate thread as well, since it was receiving everything with no problems… just not displaying it). I actually gave myself a hard time trying to read the chat as it scrolled by at insane speeds.

Let’s do it again on Friday! Contact everyone that should be in CC, and we’ll have a massive reunion.

Missing: Yoh’shee, Assassin, Richard (lonelyto25), SR, Magi, Capella, and a handful of others…

I is teh Geek <3


I’ve been doing some updates, changed the theme and added a Friends page with links to other blogs. If yours isn’t on there, leave a comment and I’ll possibly add it (requirements include not being a spambot, having a blog to which I can link, and me recognizing your name).

I’ve been busy with HS development over the weekend, managed to get some better stream classes working; but I’ve managed to break the version-specific parsing stuff, so it’s back to the drawing board.

Oh, and this is stolen shamelessly from nommie:
Video Link :D


To start with, starting threads on a popular discussion forum about someone writing a “flymode” for Uru Live is never a good idea. Especially when the rumour was simply made up to “see how people would react”.

I’d say the reaction was pretty negative. Maztec received an e-mail from someone named Georgina who blamed H’uru for the flymode. I won’t quote it here due to language, but you can read a portion of it on the HS Blog. This person may have single-handedly destroyed all hope for fan Ages in Uru Live. Worse, after contacting the poster via PM, he tells me that he is an avid H’uru supporter and that he is very sensitive to the opinions of the community. Yeah, riiiigghhhttt… e.e

School ended today… (I’m still straightening things out in my head, so nothing to say about this right now; possibly later)

Last week… insanity unleashed!

Let me start off by posting a link to the H’uru: Age Creation Facts, Myths, and Frequently Asked Questions. This will hopefully cut down on the amount of junk on the forums.

Everything’s winding down… French exam, Physics test, Math test, and two Japanese tests left to finish. Time for the final push to get stuff done!

Looking back… I’ve been blogging for almost a year, and it’s been a great year. Thanks to my one truly dedicated reader, and all of the folks at MystBlogs!