IM Notice

Okay, just to let you know…
if you send me an IM at 2 am; don’t expect a reply until a reasonable hour :P I don’t hate you, I’ve probably just fallen asleep at the keyboard again >.>

CyanChat’s been getting pretty active again. I’ve been talking to Cuvou (Kirsle) and we’ve been arguing over whether messages need to be sent with \n or \r\n (yes, it gets pretty nerdy with the two of us around). Also, TW awarded me “You are the new TW” award! ^_^ (I suppose I’m actually supposed to do something with that now >.>)

Working on updating PCSCCC and PCSCCS (both the client and server), and then working on some other nifty stuff for CC (like an Uru -> CC Relay bot (PyCCRelay–; ;) )).

I’d like to give a big thanks to No’ga for relaying info from Uru into CC all last week during Scars. You rock!


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