Today marked the start of Uru’s episodic content releases, and I was quite impressed with how things were handled.

Unfortunately, some people weren’t too happy that Minkata wasn’t released right away. Ever heard of storyline?

Rant follows:

I and getting really sick and tired of these people who complain about every little thing in Uru. If you don’t like the way things work, go somewhere else. You act like babies who can’t get what they want and then scream when things don’t go their way.
Welcome to life, suck it up and keep moving.
It doesn’t matter that we had more storyline today than we’ve had for three months, it doesn’t matter that a lot of questions were answered and that we finally start to see a building story arc; all that matters is that poor losers didn’t get the Age they felt they deserved.
Where did Cyan say that they were releasing Minkata today? They said “The first episode begins on May 19th”. That does not mean “All content will be turned on on may 19th”. It means that the week-long episode will begin.

Honestly, this community makes me ashamed sometimes. Is it Cyan’s fault that everyone assumed Minkata was coming out today? I don’t think so.

I am so close to leaving the forums entirely, but then all we’d hear would be the complaints.
So I’m going to stand there and shout my praise for Cyan as loudly as I can.

Because they deserve it.

And those whining babies deserve nothing.


2 thoughts on “Scars

  1. No'ga says:

    I whole heartedly agree. We need to praise Cyan for giving us the contact we wanted and some background before just feeding us all the content.

  2. LegoAddict says:

    YES! I am too getting fed up. This is, unfortuneately, a right without responsibility society, and it filters down to us. They aren’t taking any responsibility for the fact that they made things up. They made things up and expected Cyan to follow it.

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