Call it a reward…

I am sick and tired of it. I’m probably working harder than most people at school, I’m trying to finish courses and get ahead for next year.

I recently started Math 12 and Physics 11. Today the “Self-Directed Learners” (SDL) were given ID tags that give them special privileges. I’ve had one since January of last year (2006), although I never used it.

Today I was not on the list. I don’t particularly need the tag, but the main thing is the principal behind it.

After going through and putting out extra effort to work ahead, I get rewarded by being told that I’m behind in Math 12 and Physics 11 and that I need to work harder.

So, it doesn’t matter that I just started the courses last week; it’s of no importance that the courses a year ahead of my grade (Math 12 is two years ahead); the principal is that I’m being rewarded with nothing.

All of my work, all of the effort I put into doing well is being pushed aside because I’m not 3/4 of the way finished the courses that I started last week

There will be consequences. I suggest a complete boycott of work areas. Anarchy FTW!

OMG! Teh Victory is mine! w000t


Yesterday I found my old Ubuntu LiveCD; so I updated it and tried it out.

I’m running two OSes now, and so far no problems.

Although Ubuntu seems a bit confusing after running Windows for 10 years :P

In other news: I wrote my Science test yesterday. Now I can devote all of my time to Math and Physics

The 24 Hour Great Zero Recalibration Revival

Mission 01 – 00:10:40
Mission 02 – 00:19:12
Mission 03 – 00:32:00
Mission 04 – 00:21:20
Mission 05 – 00:12:48
Mission 06 – 00:06:24
Mission 07 – 00:17:04
Mission 08 – 00:23:28
Mission 09 – 00:10:40
Mission 10 – 00:10:40
Mission 11 – 00:06:24
Mission 12 – 00:10:40
Mission 13 – 00:08:32
Mission 14 – 00:17:04

If you haven’t finished your marker missions, please do them today!

Dancing in Uru ^_^

On Friday night, I was in CyanChat when vid told me that they were having a party in sil_oh_wet’s Bevin. Naturally I headed down to join the fun.

On Sunday, I was invited to a party to solve the three Pod Ages (Negilahn, Dereno, and Payiferen). I doubt I’ve ever had that much fun in Uru.

Yesterday, I hosted an über-techno Kadish dance party, which lasted the better part of 6 hours.

Watch UO for announcements, because we’ll be having another Pod Party when Tetsonot is released. :D