Idiots (part II)

Course selection is going to kill me. I want to take 12 courses next year. I registered for 12 courses next year. I fully intend to take 12 courses next year.

The administration at the school has told me that I am only allowed to take 8 courses. I’ve already broken that rule; I’m taking 10 this year.

Now they are inventing the excuse that I need between a 95% and a 98% average to get into Computer Science at university. I currently have a 92.4% average.

Last year the entrance requirement for the Comp Sci program was 75%

(again) WTF?!

Interestingly, all of the teachers at my school are supporting me in this; not the administrators.



CYAN WILL NOT RELEASE AGE BUILDING TOOLS! The sooner that people figure that out, the easier it will be.
(Re: User-created ages on UO)

People seem to have this idea that Cyan is suddenly going to hand out tools on a silver-platter. They think that anyone will be able to create an Age without any experience.


All of the current tools (PyPRP) are developed by fans. In general, developed by: myself, Hoikas, and a handful of others (Almlys, Tahgtahv, IngisKahn, Robert, Trylon, ycikamookow, etc.) We had NO help designing these tools. All of the information was hacked out of the PRP objects.

If you aren’t willing to take the time to learn how to use the software (in this case Blender), then you shouldn’t be creating Ages in the first place.

Cyan said that they want fan-Ages in MOUL; they have contacted us about it, they want us, the fans, to be the tool developers. They don’t have time to develop new Ages, storyline, and tools.

HOW, in all honesty, do they think that Cyan is just going to hand over plugins?! They actually believe that Cyan will just say “Here are the specifications” and that they will be able to double click in Rhino, or Max, or Maya, or Blender and have it write out an Age for them.

The tools aren’t perfect, they never will be; but to ignore all of the current work and think that Cyan has the time to release a toolkit is stupidity to the extreme.

Will someone please hand me a flame-thrower?!

Blender animation FTW!

I’ve been modeling a cool little scene in Blender and playing with particle systems and softbodies, and even a MIDI animation plugin. Now I’m animating it trying to make it match up with a piece of music.

I wasn’t planning on blogging, but I had nothing to do while my preliminary animation rendered, so I did. :)

(Day IV) Thursday: Twin Day

Yesterday was really busy, I meant to post an update, but I didn’t get home until 20:00.

Today was Twin Day, but I didn’t have a twin, so I just wore blue (still gets points for Blue). We had our traditional Starbucks this morning (mmm, Steamed Apple Cider). We’re in first place! XD

Tomorrow: The world will be shocked.

Current Standing:
1) Blue
2) Yellow
3) Red
4) Green

(Day II) Tuesday: Hawaiian Day

I saw a bit more spirit today… hopefully we’ll get out in full force for Friday.
I didn’t actually get any suggestions yesterday >.<, so I’m going to leave this post open for comments as well.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do for Friday, I know that I’m going to wear all blue, and I’m thinking that I might paint my face light blue, with darker, bolder, blue lines under my eyes and on my forehead. I’m still unsure what to do with my hair.

Current Standing:
1) Yellow
2) Blue
3) Red
4) Green

(Day I) Monday: All-you-can-eat

Well I was wholly disappointed with my fellow classmates today. I was the only person who came to school wearing blue (which is in violation of my own personal rule). WEAR BLUE!!!

For the gym riot on Friday, I want to do something completely wacky and totally unlike the normal me. I’ve been given suggestions from “face painting” to “streaking my hair blue” to “painting my entire body blue”. I’d like comments about what you think I should do.

Tomorrow, wear Hawaiian-themed clothing.

Current Standing:
1) Yellow
2) Red
3) Blue
4) Green