…Untìl Uru…

Uru Live died in February 2004. From there, it was a long, hard road to bring it back to what it is today as Myst Online: Uru Live.

Between then, and now; Untìl Uru. A place to be until Uru can live again.

Untìl Uru was partly Cyan’s, without them, we would never have been able to run our shards and have the fun that we did over the past two years. But Untìl Uru was all about the fans. All of the shards were run by fans, by people who donated their time, money, and energy into keeping Uru alive and running. They asked for no reward, they did it for their enjoyment, and the enjoyment of others.

Tomorrow, Untìl Uru dies. Cyan is pulling the authentication server because they need it for Uru Live. They are pulling it with no regard to shard owners, who will now have spent their time and money for nothing.

What about people living in Brazil, or Ukraine? How will they play Uru? GameTap isn’t supported in their countries. Untìl Uru was the only way that they could explore online. Now that chance has been taken away from them.

So long Tapestry, Great Tree, D’ni Safety Guild, Guild of Greeters, H’uru Project, Desert, OvOasis, D’mala, Alpha Blue; So long Untìl Uru.

Untìl Uru
August 6th, 2004 – February 5th, 2007

2 thoughts on “…Untìl Uru…

  1. I, too, feel very sorry for all those fans (and it’s not a small number of them) that live in countries where Gametap is still not supported, and I think a solution must be found.
    However, you say that all the shard owners’ hard work has been for nothing. I can’t agree with that. If it wouldn’t be for Untìl Uru, I don’t think some or even many of us would still be around. Maybe interest in de Myst series would have failed altogether, and there might not have been a Cyan Worlds, Inc. at this time. UU attracted a good number of new fans to Uru and the series and gave us all a lot of great memories.

    So, Untìl Uru may die now, but don’t say its life has been futile :) (and I’m sure the owners will find new uses for their servers)

  2. I don’t really know what to say. I definitely feel for the folks who have lost their work, but I also want Live to move forward as it was intended to. Hopefully the folks from UU can stop by and help use it to make Live better.

    Wish I had known about this earlier (I had no idea it was going to be shut down) so I could at least have stopped by – I bought all the boxed Uru stuff (instead of Complete Chronicles – I like boxes, you see) and wouldn’t have minded putting it all to use.

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