Marks Cut-off

Thursday was a day of pure panic and chaos: Marks Cut-off.

I got almost everything done. . . . almost . . .

Anyways, my Internet was down for 5 hours yesterday. “Unstable Connection” or something like that.

I WANT this calculator!
*falls back into geek heaven just looking at it*


2 thoughts on “Marks Cut-off

  1. Amanda says:

    That calculator makes me feel ugly.

  2. I remember wanting that calculator back in the day. There’s been a few revisions of it since that one released. It does look cool!

    Right now, I have to stick with my TI-83 (original version, got it within a year of release or so), and an HP-95lx (actually a prototype!) Oh, and I have one of the still expensive HP scientific calcs that I got at a thrift (lucky me). The funny thing is, I only use the TI-83 on a regular basis – and if I can’t find that I use my pocket organizer.

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