Marks Cut-off

Thursday was a day of pure panic and chaos: Marks Cut-off.

I got almost everything done. . . . almost . . .

Anyways, my Internet was down for 5 hours yesterday. “Unstable Connection” or something like that.

I WANT this calculator!
*falls back into geek heaven just looking at it*

Power games and Politics…

In 2006, when the DRC returned to the Cavern, they asked for the community to elect liaisons.

We did that.

The liaisons worked for one term (6 months) without any idea what they were supposed to be doing; and despite their best efforts to do what was asked of them, someone was always complaining. You’d almost think that the liaisons heard nothing but complaints during their term.

6 months went by, we had another election. The same five people were elected again, so obviously they weren’t as bad as the complainers made it sound.

On the last day of D’mala, at the Town Hall meeting, the DRC members were unable to link in and changed the location of the meeting. People blamed the liaisons.

When Cate Alexander visited the cavern in December, the DRC set up a meeting in a hood where no one was expecting it. People blamed the liaisons for not getting information out.

The DRC did nothing. They refused to help the liaisons in any way.

Today, two of the liaisons stepped down. I know one of them quite well personally through the online community.

That guy that you all blamed for everything, that guy that was your scapegoat: He’s a real person.

He has opinions and feelings too. He was just as frustrated as you were about the lack of progress.

Would I be surprised if the rest of the liaisons stepped down? No.
They don’t deserve any of the whining, complaining, and hatred that is directed towards them.

Of course, those who were whining and complaining aren’t going to read this, they won’t care. Why? Because they’re too busy complaining to the remaining liaisons.

A good post on the subject

To quote:
Damned if we do … Damned if we don’t