Snowed In

My sister and I didn’t go to school today due to the 30 cm of snow outside our door. Our actual excuse was that the car doors were frozen shut and we couldn’t get in.

So we tried working on our Snow Fort (we started it last night), but all of the snow that fell overnight was dry and powdery and didn’t compact well. So we spent the rest of the day inside on the computer.

Weather forecast:
Tuesday – Cold and sunny
Wednesday – Snowing
Thursday – Sunny (possible snow)
Friday – Heat Wave (snow meltdown)


2 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. AdamJohnso says:

    Man, lucky

    Snow would melt the second it tried to fall here in South Georgia


  2. Paradox says:

    yeah… lucky… e.e

    BC drivers can’t drive in snow if they tried. Besides, the temperature outside feels like -20 and we’re in for more snow…


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