There was an AMAZING storm last night. Power was out all over town. There’s barricades on our street in case one of the trees fall here.

Of course, I didn’t get to see the storm, I was in the public library hanging paper leaves, snowflakes, and butterflies. I’ll try to get a picture and put it up here for everyone.

So while nature raged outside, I was stuck inside for 6 hours tying little knots and moving strings of shapes. I would almost swear that the library is the only place that the power didn’t go out.

Of course because of the storm, we aren’t allowed to drink any of the water because it’s all tainted. We have to boil everything we drink, eat, wash, rinse, pretty much do anything with; and another storm is on the way. The water advisory will likely be in effect for most of the next week. :(


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