What do you really think?…

I’m curious as to peoples’ opinions of me.

Whether you know me in real life or online, please leave a comment with your opinion. Make it anonymous if you like; I don’t care if you flame me. I probably won’t change anything, I’m just curious as to what people think. I’ll leave this here until Sunday (or until I have something really important to say). I will ask you to do two things however:
* Do not read the other comments before leaving your own. I do not want to have anyone influenced by the opinions of others
* Keep it ‘G’ rated. If you hate me, I’m sure you can manage to get it across without raising every language filter on WordPress :P

Comments please :D


Snowed In

My sister and I didn’t go to school today due to the 30 cm of snow outside our door. Our actual excuse was that the car doors were frozen shut and we couldn’t get in.

So we tried working on our Snow Fort (we started it last night), but all of the snow that fell overnight was dry and powdery and didn’t compact well. So we spent the rest of the day inside on the computer.

Weather forecast:
Tuesday – Cold and sunny
Wednesday – Snowing
Thursday – Sunny (possible snow)
Friday – Heat Wave (snow meltdown)


Does saying someone’s name give you power over them, or them power over you?

I feel bad sometimes, I talk to people, and I never use their names. Then when I decide to use their names, I never find a place where I could say it and make it sound like it’s part of the natural conversation flow; and then sometimes I don’t want to say peoples’ names because I consider them to be more important than me, and even though they add my name to the end of every sentence, it feels wrong to say their name.

So anyways, I’m weird like that.
I don’t want to seem like I’m admitting defeat every time I have a conversation, yet I don’t want to make myself seem more important than the other person by taking away their power. I have this really crazy ingrained process of hierarchy in my mind. Well, there are people that I’ve known for over a year now, and I’ve never said their names when I’ve talked to them; and then I was helping one of them in Math a while ago, and they turned around and I still had something to say, and I just said their name; and now I’m not sure where I stand in relation to that person because they were always above me before, but now… …now we seem almost equal, which shouldn’t be possible.

I can’t do anything without thinking about how it will affect my place in relation to others. It’s this subconscious thing.

On the internet though, I don’t have any problems with saying peoples’ names; probably because the nicknames always seem so fake.
I mean, it would feel weird for someone to walk up to me and say “Hey Paradox” (although I would likely answer them)

University Field Trip

Today my old Social Studies teacher invited me to join his class on a trip to a local university and explore with the students (I’m actually the same grade as them, just a year ahead in Socials, so I know all of them).

That has to be the craziest thing we’ve ever done. We got a 20 minute lecture about the university and then were set loose on an “Amazing Race” scavenger hunt.

“What is most expensive textbook?”, “Describe the view from the school Cafe”, “Outside room 6007 there is a poster. What year is listed on the poster?”, etc.

Sooo much fun. XD


There was an AMAZING storm last night. Power was out all over town. There’s barricades on our street in case one of the trees fall here.

Of course, I didn’t get to see the storm, I was in the public library hanging paper leaves, snowflakes, and butterflies. I’ll try to get a picture and put it up here for everyone.

So while nature raged outside, I was stuck inside for 6 hours tying little knots and moving strings of shapes. I would almost swear that the library is the only place that the power didn’t go out.

Of course because of the storm, we aren’t allowed to drink any of the water because it’s all tainted. We have to boil everything we drink, eat, wash, rinse, pretty much do anything with; and another storm is on the way. The water advisory will likely be in effect for most of the next week. :(

CyanChat Server (revisited)

Well, I made a lot of progress on the server today.

I decided to merge the socket code and the GUI code into one file so that I can call functions without the stupid thread errors I was getting. Testing is going well, and I hope to generate a release tomorrow.

Interestingly, more people would find a client more useful than a server, yet the client is way on the back-burner right now.

As always, you can get the latest code at CodePlex.

NaNo: I haven’t done anything recently :( Maybe I should give up…

I dropped a course :O

I couldn’t handle all of the work from all of the courses that I had at school this year, so I dropped Social Studies 11. First time I’ve ever dropped a course, and hopefully the last.

I also started building a new Age today. It’s an Eder Age like Gira, Kemo, Delin, and Tsogahl. Unfortunately, there is no D’ni word for ice or snow, so it’s currently called “ederSnow”. :P

Lest we Forget

define: Mortal

I always like to make myself seem more important than others, so I often refer to others as mortals (not implying anything). Today in PE, me and a friend were joking around and she commented that it was fun to watch mortals play volleyball.

This guy in my class overheard, and got this crazy idea that mortal was an adjective. Poor fool.

An excerpt of the conversation went like this:
*someone serves*
“That was a mortal serve”
*the serve is returned and it hits the ground*
“You guys are all mortal idiots”

Riiigghhht… e.e