PRPExplorer 2.0

shorah everyone.

Let’s start on a happier note today ;)

PRPExplorer 2.0 is in active development and will hopefully be stable enough for an Alpha release in November. There are still bugs that need to be worked out, but we are getting those done. Alpha testing will be in house only, then a Beta will be posted.

The Beta could last a LONG time, since technically we can’t release the final version until everything works (which could be never).

New things:
* Better Age Management
* Age Properties Editor and FNI Editor
* UruString/Plain Text converter
* More property dialogs
* New .NET Framework 2.0 controls
* (Hopefully) A new Matrix Editor
and much more…

Check COBBS for more updates (

Okay, on a slightly less positive note (or if you’re a Cyantist, much more positive note), look at this amazing video from YouTube:


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