I used to enjoy school, I could go and sit for an entire day, pretending to work, without actually doing anything, and still get through with great marks. Not anymore. I just have too many courses to keep track of.

I need to finish a Social Studies 10 essay and write the final exam before Thanksgiving.
I need to finish the rest of English 10 by Christmas so that I can write the Government exam in January.
I need to finish Science 10 by March and do my exam in April.
I want to finish Mathematics 11P some time in May (no exam).
I want to finish Music Composition and Technology 11 some time before May.
I want to finish Visual Arts 10G in April/May.
I have to finish Social Studies 11 in May, exam is in June.
I have to finish French 12 in May, exam is in June.
I also have Japanese 11B, Physical Education 10, and Planning 10.

I had Art today, since I missed the first class due to an assembly. I know a few people in my class. In fact, there’s one person in my class that I was hoping would be in more of my classes, but at least that person’s in one of my classes.

We had to draw what we were feeling; I drew my brain being squashed by textbooks. I have no energy.

I want the world to stop.


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