Too busy & breaking

I have no free time.

School is devouring my life.

People always look at things in a very shallow way. I hear people talking about their friends are hanging out with someone else, or their parents wouldn’t let them have a cellphone. Does it really matter in the whole?

There is a war going on here people (and I don’t mean the one in the Middle East)! Forget your little problems and try to understand the bigger things.

But I know that they won’t.

I can never forget the bigger picture, it’s always there, ruling everything that I do. Every word that I say is carefully picked to try and benefit the world. Time is so fluid and there isn’t mich of it left.

I wish I could forget sometimes, be like other people and worry about little things like friends and pets and food. But I don’t have that option.

Wow, I completely lost all sentence structure in there. But you know what, I just don’t care anymore.

Some people don’t dream because it would be impossible; others don’t dream because they fear it is true. I dream because I have no choice but to accept the truth.

Life is complicated.


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