Anger, confusion, and attempted understanding

Starfyre does not, did not, and never has existed.

Garrett created an avatar for Uru Prologue named Naraya Starfyre. He wanted to use this character on the fora as well. He said that eventually, it became too much, he was actually becoming the character; Starfyre had a RL name, RL job, RL family. He said that he had to break away from her, and that killing her was his only option.

I think that Garrett had great courage to do something like that, and break away from Starfyre; But he did it in the wrong way. He didn’t have to draw out a story of how she died, he could have just made his confession to the community.

The only reason that he did make a confession is because people started donating money to Garrett to help care for the twins and to ease him through the times just after Starfyre’s death. He couldn’t accept that money knowing that Starfyre never existed, and has since returned it all and confessed to the community that he was Starfyre.

I know that a lot of the community thinks that Garrett is mentally ill, that he should be locked up; But mostly people are angry about being led to believe that their friend had died. That is hard to take, the death of someone that you knew well, then to have the whole thing turn around and explain that the person you are mourning never existed.

Well Garrett, whether Starfyre as a person existed or not, you were Starfyre, you created AgeBuilder, you started DRS, you gave great gifts to the community. You will not be forgotten.

We will still wait here for you…

Okay, I got an interesting e-mail today from Brice Tebbs, one of the main developers of the Plasma Engine used by Uru and Myst V. He was wondering how he could access the blog.

Originally, I just gave him private access, but I thought that that might not be fair, he might be only one of the people who are trying to read this and find a protected page. Therefore I have made some invisiable posts that are password protected and will continue to do so.


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