In Memory of Kirsten Birch

Starfyre memorial banner

Yesterday, a horrible thing happened to the AgeBuilding community. We lost our leader, a strong and remarkable woman, to a horrible accident.

This morning Kirsten and Tara left to goto the store. About an hour later a police officer came knocking at the door and told me that they had been in a hit and run accident. When I got to the hospital the doctors told me it was pretty bad and that their chances for recovery were iffy at best. Right now both of them are in a coma. I ask everyone to pray for them.

Kirsten’s Husband

Tara is/was Kirsten’s younger sister. She was an important part of the AgeBuilding community as well.

I have some bad news. Tara passed an hour ago. I just came home to check on the twins and thought I would pass on the news while I’m here.

The doctor’s say even when someone is in a coma they might be able to hear you. I will be sure to tell Kirsten that your all thinking of her and waiting for her to return soon.

Kirsten’s hudband

The worst news possible came later.

It is with my deepest regret that I come here to inform you all that around 2am that Kirsten was rushed into emergency surgery. They did all they could but it was just not meant to be and at 2:45am Kirsten passed on.

There will be a memorial service later this week. It will be closed to the public per her wishes as she only wanted family in attendance. Again we appreciate the though of some of you wanting to send flowers but by request of the entire family, not just myself, we would like you to make donations to a worthy cause in Kirsten’s name instead.

I went ahead and made a couple changes to the forum. The first being the promotion of Aloys to this Guild of Admin to take over Kirsten’s spot. Then also I seperated the admin’s. I left this account, Tara’s – that right now I don’t have the heart to delete, and DarK in the Root Admin. I will not be participating in this group as much as she would have which is why I put Aloys in. I had read in one of the threads that if someone had stepped down that she wanted him to take over. I think its only fitting he should take over for her.


P.S. Something I would like to ask if its at all possible. Since she started this group and all would it be possible to see a plaque on a wall someplace. I think that would be a nice gesture. Something for future gamers to look at and remember her by.

I’m truly amazed at how something like this could happen. They left in the morning, mostly likely joking, laughing; and less than 24 hours later, they are no longer there.

I’m sorry for Kirsten’s two children, who will never remember the remarkable woman who was their mother. I’m sorry for Garrett, who has lost someone closer to him than we can imagine. I’m sorry for Kirsten and Tara’s parents, who have lost both of their daughters so the same horribly cruel fate in one day. I’m sorry for Age Building and Uru, who have lost a great leader.

We can only hope that they are in peace, hope that these horrible accidents will never happen again, hope that one day we may se them again.

We won’t forget them. They had stories, every moment of their life was part of their story. To the driver, there are two less human; To us, there are two less people, two less stories. We will never know what made Kirsten and Tara happy, or sad, what their favorite flowers were, or their deepest fears. Their stories have been ended without completion.

My thoughts go out to you and your family Garrett, we all share your loss. I can’t imagine what you are going through; and I don’t want to think of the pain you are feeling. We will be here Garrett.

We will remember her.

Starfyre Candle


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