DirectX: Part VII & Ahra Pahts

Today we got asteroids loaded and made the ship move based on the mouse position. Then we added collision events for the bullets and made the ship spin when it hits an asteroid.

Today I finally got around to exploring Ahra Pahts, the city Age being built by (AgeBuilder Wiki AgeBuilder forum I must say that it is HUGE! It looks great though, we just need to get shadows and lights working properly in the plugin, because right now everything is shadeless, and the lack of shadows means a lack of realism.

The really cool part about Ahra Pahts is that it is a city made up of “shells”, triangular areas in which people can build whatever they want. Anyone can sign up for these shells and add a house or a store or anything, they just need to build it in Blender and send it back to Aloys at AgeBuilder. I’m working on Shell #410, so I’ll let you know what’s going on with it in the coming weeks.


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