H’uru & some nifty C# Projects

Today one of the old hackers showed up on IRC after an absence of 5 months. It’s great to see these people again, to talk to them, find out what they’ve been working on, remembering all of the things that happened…

Anyways, as mentioned, I’ve been hanging around on CyanChat recently, and yesterday I made an interesting discovery. The language filter doesn’t care if the word is part of another word. Example, I was dared to type “manuscript”. I was banned because the language filter read it as “manuscript” and didn’t like the bolded word.

Of course you can type “associated”, without any problems.

So I’m writing my own CyanChat client in C#, and if that works, then I’ll work on a server as well. It would be great if I could use my own Chat Client for Blue Starlight Productions.

Another cool C# projects is my D’ni Clock. Tells you the accurate time in the cavern using D’ni timekeeping methods. You can find it here.

IRL: My sister’s leaving for horse camp in a few hours and I’ve got a Latin test to do. Tomorrow’s a holiday though.


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