Python: A C# Programmer’s nightmare

This is not a post against Python. Python is a fine scripting and programming language. This is a post about how hard it is to get any good information about Python, and how it is missing many of the small things that C++ and C# include.

I finally figured out how the modules work (that took 3 days), and then there was a problem with the file stream. Searching for 20+ hours through 5 lines of code trying to find a single error is not fun.

It turns out that I was using a keyword as my variable name. huh? Doesn’t Python highlight its keywords? Apparently not.

I learned an interesting fact today, if you Google “plasma import directx” the first link is this blog. Well I certainly haven’t posted anything about importing DirectX into Plasma, but possibly in the future.

*If you come here, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Then it doesn’t look like I’m talking to myself*

My sister comes home today, then leaves for camp again tomorrow (which is fine by me, I get a lot more work done when she’s not around). Anyways, I have more Alcugs programming to do: these file streams are deadly.


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