PyPRP & DirectX: Part II

Well, today has proven to be quite productive. In the computer course, we started drawing stuff on the screen and working with lights. We’re going to be finished the project early, so we should have time to make some modifications to the code to improve the overall quality and ease of gameplay.

I also solved an error that’s been puzzling me for a while. In our ALCUGS Plasma/Blender plugin, we’ve been able to import and export Uru Ages for a while, but importing Myst V Ages never worked. Today I realized that we had forgotten to add some lines of code that would import the geometry. So right now, I’m waiting for it to import Direbo and see how many errors I encounter along the way.

I know that I promised that history lesson about ALCUGS, but I’m not in the mood to type out the story of our projects, so I’ll just direct you back to Almlys’ site again: ALCUGS Project.


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